StAU3A Web Site Presentation

You will be able explore the site by clicking on the appropriate tabs but you need to login to use all the features. To login for the first time you will need to set a password so follow these steps:

  •  enter your User Name in the first space below - this is your first name (as registered in our database) followed by your membership number without a space e.g.   Bertie3165 not Bertie 3165.
  • Note: your User Name is not your full name (BertieWooster3165), not your email address (bertie@wooster.com), not StAU3A etc.
  •  click on 'Forgot Password' at the bottom of the screen
  • After clicking 'Forgot Password', and then 'Reset Password' you will shortly receive an email at the address we hold for you with a once only link to set or reset your password.
  • Note: if you receive more than one email you have submitted more than one request: only the latest email to arrive will have a working link. 
  • Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.


Passwords need to have at least 8 characters including at least one uppercase letter, one number and one special character:  !  %  #  @  etc.  (e.g. Peston8!).


Once you have set your password you will be able to log in using just your User Name and password both of which may be 'remembered' by your computer / tablet / smartphone. When you have logged in successfully you will be able to view all the website and send messages to Group and Event Organisers.


If you have a problem with the process please contact the Membership Secretary

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